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What to Wear in The Hamptons June 8, 2021 By Nicole Blog WHAT TO WEAR IN THE HAMPTONS 5 CHIC OUTFITS TO LOVE IN THE HAMPTONS ALL SUMMER LONG I know, I often wonder too… What to Wear in The Hamptons. Carrie Bradshaw has it figured out. Kate Middleton has it figured out. Rachel Zoe owns it. So do the locals. Here, I have outlined just for you, a guide on exactly that: What to Wear in The Hamptons. New York’s summertime playground, the Hamptons, are a destination for weekenders looking to chill out from the city’s daily grind and slip into relaxation mode. For those lucky enoug

The Met gala is back! Typically held annually on the first Monday in May, fashion’s biggest night of the year—it’s the Super Bowl of fashion!—will return in September as a smaller, more intimate affair. (The soirée was canceled last year, and postponed to a later date this year, due to COVID-19.) While it may look a little different this year, there will still be a red carpet in September filled with fabulous fashions and celebrity sightings.

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